Annual Return of a LLP (Form 11)


Every LLP has to file Annual Returns on or before 30th May every year. The Annual Return of the LLP contains the details of the Capital received from the Partners and other information relating to the LLP. This Annual Return has to be filed electronically in Form 11.


-The LLP provides the details required to file Form 11.

-Once the details are received, our experts prepare the Form 11 of the LLP and send it for Approval.

-Once apporved, Form 11 is then filed with the ROC and the compliance is then completed. 

Time Taken

3 working days from the time we receive the required details and documents. 


Click here to Download the Details required for Filing the Annual Return of your LLP. 


The Cost for Filing Form 11 is Rs 2550/- This includes Government (ROC) Fees and Professional Fees. Click here to Calculate Fees according to the Capital of your LLP.


The Entire Cost for providing this Service is included above. This includes Government (ROC) Fees, Professional Fees and Certification Fees. No other Cost would be involved in providing this service.
Yes. The Late Filing Fee applicable to this Service is Rs 100/- per day. Thus, if you file Form 11 on the 1st of June, 2017, an additional fee of Rs 200/- will be payable by you. We have integrated the late filing fee in our calculation above. Thus, if applicable, our website will calculate the Late Fees as well and add it to your Calculation. Note: There is no capping on the Late Fees so one needs to be very particular about this compliance and should do the filing on time.
No. You need the Digital Signatures of only 2 Designated Partners to avail this Service. Also, if you DO NOT have Digital Signatures of the Designated Partners you can purchase the same from us for Rs 1000/- per Digital Signature which will be valid for Two Years.
A LLP has to get the Form 11 certified by a Company Secretary if the Capital of the LLP exceeds Rs 50,00,000/- or the Turnover of the LLP exceeds 5,00,00,000/- in Financial Year 2016-2017. We will make sure that we get the Forms certified by a Company Secretary if required for your LLP.
No. The Filing of Form 11 is a completely online procedure and there is no need to visit the ROC's office to file this Form.
Yes. We at Business Guru believe in complete transparency and thus we will share a Soft Copy of the Form and the ROC Fee paid challan for your Record.


Limited Liability means that if you're LLP incurs a business loss, your contribution to that loss will be limited to your Capital contribution in the LLP. For example, if your LLP makes a Loss of Rs 1,00,000/- and the LLP doesn't have enough assets to pay off the loss. In that case, the partners will have to contribute only their agreed capital and nothing above that. Suppose the agreed capital comes up to Rs 20,000/- then the difference of Rs 80,000/- will not have to be paid by the Partners. But if a Partner does a wrongful act which includes fraud, he shall be personally liable for it.
If a partner does something he is not authorised to do then the LLP is liable for his acts but the Partners are not personally liable for his acts. The partners of a LLP shield themselves from any unauthorized acts of the other partners.
Yes. The LLP will be liable for the unauthorized acts of its Partners.
Yes. You can define each partners authority. You can clearly define what decisions need to be taken only in a partners meeting and you can also define the partner's rights and duties. All this can be done through the LLP agreement and we will help you customize the LLP agreement as per your need.