Accounting is one of the most pivotal functions for any company. It does not matter if you are a startup, a service based business, or a traditional brick and mortar business, accounting is necessary. With shortage of good accountants, companies and CPA firms are now looking and collaborating with Talented Offshore accountant Firms overseas which can provide services which are accurate, prompt, secure and confidential.

And this is where we step in. We at Business Guru have over 12 years of experience in Offshore Accounting. We provide Offshore Accounting Services to companies based in Australia, UK and Singapore. Our accountants are well versed with the Laws applicable and be it accounting on Xero, Quickbooks or Zoho, our Talented Accountants ensure that all your transactions are recorded accurately and are updated on a real time basis. Our solutions are designed to give you a true picture of your business on your Fingertips. And that too 24 by 7


Our internal Audit policies and IT security measures ensure that none of your data is copied, duplicated, illegally transmitted or otherwise tampered with.


Our accountants have complete knowledge of Local Direct and Indirect Tax laws ensuring complete accuracy in maintenance of Books and that you don’t miss out on any eligible Tax Decurions/Rebates

CA/CPA reviewed.

All your accounting is reviewed by a CA/CPA to ensure the accuracy and correctness of your accounting.

Plug & Play

Hiring a traditional accountant requires constant training, re-training and is time consuming and costly. On the contrary, our service is completely plug and play. You can decide upon the scope, and we can start immediately! No implementation delays!


  • We have strong internal IT protocols and policies in Place to ensure that data is not copied, shared, downloaded or otherwise transmitted illegally. We have a third party; independent IT security firm audit our IT infrastructure every quarter to ensure that our IT policies are working and are implemented throughout our organization.

  • We conduct a strong independent background verification check to ensure the right talent enters our company. We have a strong Internal HR team who are constantly scouting for the right talent to ensure that our clients are always satisfied. We conduct multiple rounds of interviews for every candidate to ensure quality and reliability.

  • We have Monthly training sessions for all our team members to ensure all of them are updated with the recent changes in the laws so that the books of the client are maintained correctly and accurately.