Business Guru focuses on placing middle to senior-level professionals in corporate settings. We offer extensive expertise in strategic and business HR and comprehend our clients’ recruitment needs. With our extensive network of top executives and industry knowledge, we know that businesses need audits and organizational gap analyses to achieve both qualitative and quantitative changes in order to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Business Guru is dedicated to providing value-added services, such as need-based systems, processes, and performance improvement, focused on but not limited to your finance, accounting, and human resource departments.

Our Services


Our committed team of experts is cognizant of the requirements of business settings and collaborates to find the perfect fit , Our team worked closely together to produce an extensive database. We lead the entire hiring procedure which includes the following:- Sourcing, screening, sharing JD, Scheduling interviews, negotiation, Reference check, offer, appointment letter, notice period, joining.

HR Advisory

Since we are dedicated to assisting clients in reaching their peak performance, we believe in “Kintsugi”, which is a deep comprehension of the situation, identifying any gaps and their causes, and filling them with perfect resources.

Job & Career consultation

We are enhanced by knowledge and experience derived from various backgrounds, credentials, abilities, and passions. We work with clients that include global companies in IT, insurance, banking, finance, and more, so you may plan your next move or make career decisions with us. All candidates have a positive experience when dealing with us, whether we place them in roles or not, is our guiding concept. Every stage of the hiring process is conducted with candor and sincerity, we actively oversee the candidate’s work, gather data, foster confidence, and assist in identifying the next professional attribute.

Employee reference check, appointment letter, relieving letter verification

Using reference checks to reasonably investigate a candidate’s background could shield you from a lawsuit alleging negligent hiring. You can learn more about a candidate from an employee reference check service than from their résumé or interview.

We collaborate closely with corporate management to learn about the company operations, philosophy, and people. We are a forward-thinking firm because we mix a high degree of ethics and principles with a client- focused, creative approach to research and assessment. We go to great lengths to ensure that the right candidate is available for the job by matching profiles and providing our expertise. Prior to being affiliated with us, each candidate underwent a screening process in which their personal traits, educational background, professional experience, job competency, and prospects for advancement were assessed.