An entity holding a GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) has to file GST returns on a Monthly basis. An entity has to file GSTR 3B on a monthly basis and GSTR 1 returns on a monthly/quarterly basis depending on the turnover or on the choice of the entity.

-You will have to share your Tally Data /Excel data/Invoices for preparation of your Return.

-Our GST Expert will prepare your Calculation and send it for your approval and GST Payment.

-Once approved, we will file your Return Online and Send you an acknowledgement.

3 working days from the time we receive the required data.

We need your Tally Data or the summary of your transactions on excel sheet to enable us to file your Returns. You can also share the Sales Report generated on various e-commerce websites which we can use to file your returns

The Cost for filing your GST Returns depends on the volume of transactions entered into. The Cost can vary from Rs 250-Rs 2,000 per return. Please Click here to speak to our Business Advisor for more information!