A company (Private or Public) that wants to change its name will need to intimate the ROC within 30 days of passing a resolution to change its name.

– Board Resolution to be passed approving the change of name

-File an approval form with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) for the name.

– Call an Extraordinary General Meeting after acceptance of the name by the ROC and pass a Special Resolution approving the new name.

–  Two supplementary forms to be filed with the ROC intimating the passage of the Special  Resolution.

-Once ROC approves the two forms, new Incorporation certificate with the new name will be issued.

We will file your application with the ROC within 3 working days from the day we receive all the documents required.

Certified true copy of the Board Resolution, Certified true copy of the Special Resolution along with Minutes and Explanatory Statements,  Company’s Altered MOA and AOA representing new name. (A specimen of all Resolutions, Minutes, Explanatory Statements will be provided once the booking is done)

Rs 9,999/-(All-inclusive for a Company which is a Small Company and has an Authorised Capital upto Rs 4,99,999 and is filing within 30 days of passing the Special Resolutions). Are you a Company which has an authorised capital exceeding 4,99,999 or is not a small company or is filing after 30 days of passing the Resolutions? Click here to speak to our Business Advisor to know your total cost.