Every LLP has to file a Statement of Account and Solvency (Form 8) on or before 30th October every year. This form contains the details of the Income and Expenditure for the year and details of the Balance Sheet items of the LLP.

-The LLP provides the details/documents required to file Form 8.

-Once the details are received, our experts prepare Form 8 of the LLP.

-The Form is then filed online with the ROC (MCA) and the process is complete.

3 working days from the time we receive the required details and documents.

Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account of the LLP

The Cost for Filing Form 8 is Rs 2,950/-. This includes Professional Fees, Certification Fees, Taxes and Government (ROC) Fees if your Capital is upto Rs. 1,00,000/- & filed within the due date. Click here to know the calculation of Government (ROC) Fees if the Capital of your LLP exceeds Rs. 1,00,000/- or missed the due date.