A Limited Liability Partnership or LLP as it is commonly known is a Partnership Firm with a Limited Liability. An LLP must have at least 2 Designated Partners/Partners and has NO Minimum Capital Requirement. It has the advantages of both a Partnership Firm and a Private Limited Company. It is the most suitable organisation for Traditional as well as ‘Brick and Mortar’ Businesses.

-Family Owned Businesses.

-Entrepreneurs who want a Separate Legal Entity with Limited Liability and Perpetual Succession.

-Entrepreneurs who DO NOT wish to raise Venture Capital, Seed or Angel Funding.

12-15 working days from the time we receive the required documents.

Click here to Download the List of Documents required for Formation of your LLP. A list of Documents will also be emailed to you once you book this service. Basic documents like PAN Card, Address Proofs, Electricity Bills etc. are required to form your LLP.

The Cost to form a LLP starts from Rs 7,999/-*. Click here to know the calculate the cost according to your Capital. This Cost includes Professional Fees, ROC Fees, 2 DINs, 2 Digital Signatures, PAN and TAN. This does NOT include the Stamp Duty on the LLP Agreement.





Limited Liability:

The biggest advantage of a LLP is Limited Liability. The partners are only liable to contribute their agreed Capital. If the LLP incurs a Loss, the the Partners/Designated Partners do not have to pay for the Losses of the LLP beyond their agreed capital. Also, the partners of the LLP are shielded from the unauthorized acts of the other Partners.

Separate Legal Entity:

A LLP is separate and distinct from its Partners. It can buy and sell property, enter into contracts, sue or be sued upon in its own name. The death, insanity, incapacity or insolvency of its Partners does not affect the existence or business of the LLP in any way.

A status like a Private Limited Company and flexibility of a Partnership firm:

A LLP is a Business entity which is formed by combining the advantages of a Private Limited Company and a Partnership Firm. It has the advantages of a Private Limited Company like Limited Liability, Separate Legal Existence and Perpetual Existence and advantages of a Partnership Firm like Flexibility in rotation of funds, no compulsory audits, minimum compliance etc. A LLP is a business type with practically no disadvantages except for the fact that you CANNOT raise venture, seed or angel funding in a LLP.

Perpetual Existence:

Once formed, a LLP has a life-time existence until and unless it is dissolved.